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Above Photo Credit: Cleveland Public Library, Photography Collection

"Angelina Bair came to our rescue.."

When we purchased a historic home in Cleveland Heights we wanted to learn more about the people who had lived there, the events that took place there and the history of the beautiful home.

Angelina Bair came to our rescue by meticulously and thoroughly researching the property, exceeding our expectations by finding an absolute treasure trove of information.

Using her connections to librarians and researchers all over the country and having an extensive background in understanding how to dive deep into research, Angelina produced an incredible number of newspaper articles, legal documents, photographs and historic details about our

Reasonably priced and very efficient with her time, Angelina was able to quickly find what we were looking for to help paint a more complete story of the history of the house we love. At the end of the project Angelina was able to give us both hard copies and a digital library of everything that she found.

I highly recommend Angelina for any research project you have.

Anya R. - Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Below Photo Credit: Chuck Crow & Dan Ruminski the Cleveland Storyteller, 2019

Above Photo Credit: Anita Orenick Photography & Cleveland Restoration Society, 2019

"Her work is excellent and always on time."

"Angelina Bair has worked with me for over two years. In all cases her work is excellent and always on time. This young lady is professional in every sense of the word. I highly recommend Angelina."

-Dan Ruminski, The Cleveland Storyteller, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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