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research process

Photo credit: Cuyahoga County Archives


Photo credit (left): Cleveland Public Library Digital Maps

Photo credit (right): Scott Horn

Bair Consulting Services, LLC uses professional historical research methodologies to delineate the history behind your residential or commercial property. 


Photo credit (left): A. Rudd

Photo credit (right): Lauren R. Pacini

Angelina’s research process covers numerous sources, including state and local archives, the Library of Congress, and other historical library collections.  She locates and examines original documents to extract key historical clues. Maps, photos, articles, genealogical records, wills, liens, deeds, permits, and property cards are among the sources Angelina studies to gain knowledge about properties.  

Research 7.jpg

Photo credit (left): A. Rudd

Photo credit (right): Lauren R. Pacini

Some properties have chains of ownership long enough to be identified and traced back to the 1820's. Upon request, she can research past and present property owners in order to determine a chain of ownership.

Research 8.jpg

Photo credit (left): Cleveland State University Cleveland Memory Project

Photo credit (right): Scott Horn

Angelina Bair is dedicated to the preservation of historical structures in Northeast Ohio.


Photo credit (left): A. Rudd

Photo credit (right): David Thorn

When you schedule a free, one-hour consultation, Angelina will clarify any and all of your research needs.

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